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Holiday Club 2019

As well as 2019 being the 50th anniversary of Leighton Buzzard Mencap, it is also our 30th Holiday Club - so it certainly looks as though we are well established on the calendar! This year, we ran our nine-day Holiday Club from 23rd July to 7th August. And it was as jam-packed as ever.

As with each year, we relied heavily on our amazing sixth form volunteers, without whom our extensive programme would not be possible. We had 12 different workshops and workshop leaders and visited 9 different activity centres, all with various extremes of weather!

The first week was boiling hot, so high on our priority list was making sure everyone was hydrated every 30 mins. We did have to alter our programme slightly on the third day and finished a bit early with a popular water fight.

We enjoyed the well loved familiar activities such as tobogganing, skiing, sailing, paddleboarding and rock climbing, experimented with a new storytelling workshop and a visit to Green Park Outdoor Education Centre for adaptive biking and a High Ropes Wheelchair Course.

We finished with a wonderful day for our party at the end, joined by a steel band, mini mobile farm, drumming for everyone and a magic show. We hope everyone who took part in this special year had a fantastic time; we certainly did!

But the main question is, will you be joining us next year?

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