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Laptops allow for online community during lockdown

People living in both residential and supported accommodation in Leighton Buzzard have been using Chromebook laptops to communicate over the internet during the coronavirus lockdown. They have been able to reduce feelings of isolation through Skype chats with their families and friends and have been playing a wide variety of on-line games, both individually and interactively. The laptops have also enabled residents to chat with friends living on their own in supported accommodation – a real life-line in these difficult times.

The laptops have been supplied by Leighton Buzzard Mencap and the Committee would like to thank our donors whose generosity has made it possible for the Society to fund the purchase of these devices. They are making a big difference to residents and their families and with the help of Mencap staff, new uses are being found for them every day - check out the video made below!

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