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A #50challenge to celebrate Volunteers' Weeks 2019

Our wonderful volunteers over at High 5s have done a #50challenge in wChy they volunteer with LB Mencap:

  1. Because it’s fun

  2. I’ve made friends there

  3. Because I believe in community

  4. To learn new skills

  5. It may help me get a job

  6. Playing is important

  7. I enjoyed my youth club and want to give that experience to others

  8. Looks good on my CV

  9. Because I enjoy working with children

  10. It gives the parents a break

  11. The children are good company

  12. It’s nice to chat and play with the children

  13. Allows the parents to meet others that share similar experiences

  14. Encourages the children to make new friends

  15. It’s enjoyable

  16. Why not!

  17. The kids need somewhere to play and be free

  18. It uses my skills

  19. It’s my ‘service’ for my Duke of Edinburgh Award

  20. Good company!

  21. It makes me smile

  22. High 5s need us volunteers to run

  23. I like to be involved in local things

  24. It feels like I’m helping

  25. The children say things that make me laugh

  26. It’s great to see the children enjoying themselves and to be part of making that happen

  27. Children need play experiences

  28. We can encourage the children to be active and fit through the games

  29. Good to have somewhere away from computers where the children can play

  30. I like supporting the children to have exciting experiences

  31. I like the support that MENCAP can give

  32. I wanted to do something useful

  33. Nice to be part of a team

  34. High 5s allows me to be creative

  35. The parents appreciate our time and help

  36. The other volunteers are welcoming

  37. It’s good to work with others

  38. You never know what each session is going to be like

  39. The commitment isn’t too large to fit in with my busy life

  40. I can input my ideas to help make the club better

  41. We can support the parents and children in a small way

  42. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing on a Thursday evening

  43. It’s wonderful to see the children having fun

  44. Nice to feel useful

  45. I want to give something back to the community

  46. The children look forward to their club

  47. I enjoy it as much as the kids

  48. The play opportunities support the children’s learning

  49. I feel appreciated

  50. ... ... ... ?

We couldn't quite think of 50 reasons, but if you can think of the final one, you're exactly the sort of volunteer we'd need - please get in touch!

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